Handlebar Control Kits

///Handlebar Control Kits

Make Your Ride Easy with Harley Davidson Handlebar Control Kits

Once you’ve bought your Harley, you realise you have to make that bike your own. Most owners lovingly invest huge amounts of time and money into their machines, keeping them shining and outfitting them with the latest in custom parts to improve every aspect of their performance. Handlebar control kits are an essential part of customising your Harley Davidson, from both a visual and a functional point of view. Wild Rider, as your specialist online Harley retailer, has a vast range of these kits available to give any bike a unique touch.

Have complete control over the look and feel of your bike

Take ownership of your riding experience; install these custom handlebar control kits on your bike and have access to controls for your on-board systems just there at your fingertips. An amazing complement to other custom work such as a handlebar wiring harness, these instantly-accessible buttons and levers can be linked to anywhere else on your bike for true personalisation.

These handlebar control kits come in both Chrome and Black, so you can one to match and customise your bike perfectly. With Wild Rider, you’re free to work on your bike however you choose, until it becomes the true ride of your dreams.

Ride with the very best, thanks to Wild Rider Premium products

Wild Rider loves to see great custom work being done on bikes. So much so, in fact, that we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is and release our own range of premium aftermarket parts to help customers get the most out of the machines that mean so much to us. Check out our proprietary range of handlebar control kits, along with other top brands like MID-USA, Midwest, and Daytona all in the same online store.